Thursday, July 14, 2011

YAtopia Pitch Contest

YAtopia is having a 3-line pitch contest with Vickie Motter!  This is perfect for those who are squeamish about posting work willy-nilly over the webz. 

Yeah, with a z.

Sorry, I've been working with teenagers all day, then I went to Hot Topic to hunt for Harry Potter-wear for the premiere tomorrow night.

And I almost bought a leather-waisted jumpsuit at Bebe.

I need to just sit down quietly with a book .


  1. THanks for your sweet comment on my bloggyz. (Just going with the z flow here :P) I do hope you'll make it to one of our group meetings. Some people have emailed me to ask about having a Sunday meeting bec. they can't make Saturdayz as well--so I will definitely do that sometime soon. :) Tonight while you watch part 2, my friends and I will be reliving part 1 at home. On Saturday, though, I've finally decided that I will wear my HP costume while watching part 2. :D Wish you could be there in your costume as well. That would make a great group picture!

  2. Yay for Hot Topic! (I work there.) Good luck on the contest. They are all so good, I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner. (Though if I did, I'd totally pick me, because I'm that way :)

  3. have fun at the premiere! i am checking out the contest!

  4. Dude, speaking of agent-judged pitch contests, your pitch won runner-up in Operation Awesome's July M.A. contest!!! I am so excited for you! Congratulations!


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