Monday, May 14, 2012

APA Bachelor of the Month: Kevin Kim, Rock Star

Ladies, meet your future husband!

Eva Longoria is setting up the Plain White T's frontman for a new NBC dating show - I can do it too.  I've tapped a member of one of my favorite Asian-American bands in the world, The Nehemiah Band, and he's ready to devote himself to a lucky reader.  If you don't fall in love with his message to his future wife below, you have a heart of stone.

For inquires, hit the email button on the right and you've got yourself a date.

Name: Kevin Haneul Kim
Nickname: KEVINKIM! (oneword and exclamatory!)
Age: 26
Height: Five Ten... ok five nine and three quarters
Profession: Musician/Teacher/Bartender
Guys, girls, both, something in between?
Women are the most beautiful creatures ever created and someday one special one will be mine... I do enjoy flirting with guys though...everyone wants some attention - equal opportunity flirt!
Metro or no?
I prefer metro areas over suburban. Speaking of metro, the Los Angeles Metro system needs a lot of work especially compared to other metropolitan cities, but it's still great for specific destinations especially the fun ones that are hard to drive to and park by; we all know what a bitch it is to find parking parking in L.A. ...let's go on a Metro date ;)
Security blanket you sleep with at night: Navy body pillow decorated with faintly glow in the dark stars
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs all the way...contents may appear sexier than they actually are
Immediate turn-on: chemisty, confidence, eyes
killing it with my his manpurse
Dealbreaker: Doesn't want to commit to me.
Karaoke song of choice: I Got You - James Brown
On a Friday night you'd prefer to: Play a show and kill it
Last Friday you actually: I brought a friend coffee and had a good long heart to heart =)...and then couldn't fall asleep because I rarely drink coffee...=(
Random Talents: I can sing and play guitar well enough to make people smile =) I'm also fun to dance with and a decent swimmer.
Level of cooking: Knife skills and cooking experience/jargon aren't stellar, but I can follow a recipe well. I tend to stick to simple few ingredient dishes.
Height restrictions: No restrictions, but would prefer between 5 and 6 feet tall.
Message to your future wife:
We will be madly in love. I will spend my life loving you like you've never been loved or will ever be. When it's grand and when sh!t hits the fan you'll have an "I've got your back no matter what!" kind of love.

Bonus question!
What song must be played at your wedding?
You Are The Best Thing - Ray Lamontagne, Let's Stay Together - Al Green

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