Wednesday, July 27, 2011

48 Hour Dark Experiment Marathon: July 31st-August 8

It's what you've been asking for: the third run of the 48 Hour Dark Experiment, my internet-quitting boot camp.  That's 2 full days unplugged and procrastination-free.  Just in time to prep for SCBWI.

This time - marathon style. 

The rules again:
  • Internet usage while at work FOR WORK PURPOSES ONLY doesn't count.  Allot time for that.  I will give myself a total of 30 minutes each day to be divided into 3 increments.
  • If email is vital to your work as a writer, allot the necessary time.  For instance, I owe some pages to a critique partner.  It should take me only 3 minutes to draft up a critique email and send it.
  • NO blogging, reading other blogs, surfing the internet, twittering, facebooking, stumbling upon, digging, Google+ing, gchatting, yahoo talking, AIMing, iChatting, liking, updating books on Goodreads, Grouponing, crying, whining, eating too much ice cream.  (Because that's bad for you.)  
Here's how the marathon is going to work:
  • From July 31st-August 8th you will pick ANY 48-hour period to go dark.  
  • Pick as many 48-hour periods as you like.  I recommend one if this is your first time.  As the creator, I will try to do one after another, with maybe a few hours of internet fast breaking in between.  In fact I might start early.
  • Sign up below with Mr. Linky.
  • Whenever you're not dark during that week, feel free to visit the blogs below and leave encouraging messages.  Or stalk them and slap them (virtually) if you catch them online.
You don't have to follow me or spread the word..  Do this because you have a problem, a problem like mine, which is watching too much time go to Mother Internet.  This is the third time I've done this and I'm extremely productive when I go dark.  I also come back with better discipline.

YES there is a prize.
I'd like to interview and feature the blogger who logs the most 48-hour dark periods during this marathon.  This is because I and the addict public would like to know how you did this without dying.

It's time to kick the habit, addicts.  The strong will survive. 

Sign up will remain open the whole marathon - join anytime!


  1. Okay, I'm totally not going to survive, but I do have a major internet addiction. So I'll give this a go. Thanks!

  2. Totally addicted, but I need to break free and get some major revising done. I'm in!

  3. Not sure I could survive this. Does sleeping time count? Haha.

  4. Wow... I admit I do get distracted by the internet, but this is INSANE. I'm intrigued, though. Maybe I'll see if I can survive 24 hours first?

  5. I don't think I could make a conscious effort to do it. I might for part of the time because I'll be in Maine. Otherwise, I'm addicted!

  6. Thanks for your congrats on my book sale! This is a wonderful idea, BTW.

  7. bring it!!! think i can live w/o espn, insideline and autoblog for 2 days...maybe...

  8. See you at SCBWI! (Maybe) this looks like a big group.

  9. I'm IN! I've signed up and for the record, will need policing. Maybe. Bahahahaha! I'm weaksauce. But we'll see how I fare. *puts on game face*

  10. Sheesh. So that's where everyone's gone. ;)

  11. I'm totally doing this. This Saturday and Sunday. I NEED this. Can you come steal my iphone? Please!?


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