Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once Upon a Readathon/48 Hour Dark Experiment Update

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon
I finished Abandon (Abandon Trilogy #1), so I only completed half my goal for the read-a-thon, though I did make strong headway into Broken (Women of the Otherworld, # 6).  And got in a good hour of reading at the doctor's office (I hate you HMO's.)

The Dark Experiment was really necessary, despite a freak-out on the second night when I got stressed about work and compulsively surfed for like 4 hours.  I got no sleep, but found out that Vin Diesel is NOT gay, and IS a dad.  (Take that, boyfriend, for trying to ruin my raging crush on deep-voiced, beefy men.)

Going dark was like a reset - I learned to curb unnecessary email checking and blog reading.  I'll host another internet fast in a few weeks so we can all join in!

Krispy, Ani and I are going to the Harry Potter premiere tomorrow night!!!  Photos and probably videos will go up.

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  1. Reading. Sigh. I miss it. I hope to attack my reading pile in a couple of months when life has gotten less chaotic...

    Enjoy HP! Bring tissues! :D


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