Thursday, July 7, 2011

prettyGeeky Photoshoot for Gemco Jewelry

I feel like a Greek goddess from my novel
In April I did a photoshoot for Gemco Jewelry, an awesome family-owned retailer here in SoCal.

We found photographers prettyGeeky through the power of the internet - fellow writer Lori's sister is one half of this down-to-earth photography duo.

prettyGeeky scouted amazing locales:
  • a helipad on the rooftop of a luxury downtown L.A. apartment, where we were shut down by security
  • a secluded cove on an Orange County beach that slowly flooded us out of our location

For more photos, including a behind-the-scenes breakdown, check out "G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S", prettyGeeky's blog post documenting our shoot.

50 degrees and high winds, but so worth it


  1. Omg, you look gorgeous as do the locales! Totally checking out the rest of the photos now!

  2. you are absolutely gorgeous! love the photos.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! You'll have these photos forever!

  4. Ambrosia!


    Where's your brother ;)

  5. That Greek Goddess one? MY FAVORITE. You look stunning and beautiful and like something out of a movie *___*

  6. Geeze Sophia, you feel like one of your Greek goddesses because you look like one! Beautiful pictures :)

  7. Stunning! You look so FAB!!! :D Off to check the behind the scenes link...

  8. Hot mama! haha. Totally inappropriate but super true. You look stunning in the photographs, my friend. :D I can see you acting skills shining through the photographs.


  9. You look beautiful and amazing! Wow!


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