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Facebook forcing you into a fugue state with amazing vacation photos? Social network sending you into yearlong Seasonal Affect Disorder with everyone's cooler clothes and cooler lives?

It does me! When I first started blogging, I couldn't understand why everyone was always talking about how perfectly matched their husbands are, how charming their children, how gorgeous the vista they write in front of.

I must have signed on the wrong line.

I started this series because I'm deathly curious how people actually spend their days, when they're not raving about their perfect families and picking strawberries on the coast. I hope it helps you feel "normal" too, and I hope you'll be next!

2/21/12 Angela L. Brown, TX
Leap Day 2012 + Giveaway Jenna Gustafson, WY

3/15/12 Juliana L. Brandt, TN
3/21/12 Stephanie Lemieux, Canada - Special Clay Edition
3/28/12 Jessica Love, CA

4/9/12 Christa Desir, IL
4/19/12 Kate Coursey, UT
4/26/12 Lupe Fernandez, CA

May - APA MONTH Extravaganza has begun!
5/3/12 Kristy and Bryce Shen, Canada
5/17/12 Wistfully Linda, Taiwan
5/28/12 Suze from I Adore Books and Film, HI
5/31/12 Krispy and Alz, CA

6/18/12 Beth Navarro, CA
6/29/12 Lani Wendt Young, New Zealand

7/9/12 Sarah Skilton, CA
7/23/12 Kelsey Macke, TX

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