Friday, July 15, 2011

Farewell, Potter; Hello, BlogHer

with the Dark Lord
Midnight showing.  I was Lestrange.  Photos to come...


I'm the featured blogger on BlogHer's Life front page!  YAY!


  1. AWESOME :D I couldn't go to the midnight showing b/c I worked until 5 and the line had already started the day before LOL BUT THIS WEEKEND FOR SURE OMG CAN'T WAIT

  2. You look so cute! I knew who you were as soon as I looked at the pic, so very nice costume! Know that I'm jealous that you've seen it HP and I haven't!

  3. Awesome costume! You totally look Lestrange! (er dunno if thats good or not)
    I can't wait to watch it myself! Will be donning on Gryffindor this Saturday night. Actually have extra tickets if you want to watch it again tomorrow (July 16 1045pm) :P

  4. SOPHIIIIIIIIIIIIA!!! OMG. You looked SO cute. And tiny. *glares all jealous like* It was SO awesome seeing it with you!! I think we were the only two sobbing. Also, I can't believe I forgot tissues! GAH.

    p.s. Eh. *insert Voldy face*

  5. Awesome outfit! :)

    We saw the movie late last night - loved it. So sad that it's all done now...

  6. NICE! So jealous you got to go!

  7. Congrats on being featured!! Hope HP wad exciting:-)

  8. I have to admit, I've never watched any Harry Potter movies or read any of the books. Don't stone me!


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