About Me

Hi! I'm Sophia.

The younger me did some cool things:

I was the first iPod silhouette. Ever.
I graduated from Harvard when I was 20.
I was the Tampax girl (apparently in Sweden and the UK too).
I was also in a couple of movies, once as a swing dancer.

The now me also does some cool things:

I'm a soprano with the Harvard Yardbirds, an alumni a capella group.  We performed at a benefit with some Glee kids!
I still get hired to model - like for this jewelry campaign.

I've been a produced playwright and a pitbull rescuer. Now I work as an admissions coach and write Young Adult novels.

It's great to meet you!  More info about me here. A meme-induced list of my ailments here.

I'm sorry, that's an old photo. Here's a newer one:

Okay, okay.  Here's after I shaved:


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