Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day 2013: What Does Masculine/Feminine Mean To You?

Happy International Women's Day 2013!

I've been celebrating all month by signing up for this email summit called I Heart My Moon Cycle (about exactly what it sounds like).

President Obama just signed an expansion on the Violence Against Women Act that aims to implement global strategies.

In my personal life I've been working hard as a woman on all levels - signing up for an online business course, joining a virtual meditation summit, slowly but surely querying my novel, delving into what it means to be feminine.

This last one is an interesting topic. I was raised as the "only son" of the only son, which in Chinese culture is a big deal. I had to be the one to go to Harvard; I was supposed to be the one to go into law or i-banking. Couple that with being a New Yorker and a Leo, and you get a girl used to living in the doing, action-oriented, goal-achieving mode. Or as the relationship coaches define it, the "masculine".

Only in the last few years have I received the knowledge and taken the space and time to explore the receptive, self-loving "feminine". I'll never discard my Type A personality - it's not even possible. But I do love embracing the feminine and the kind of peace it brings me.

This might be a triggering topic to some, but I'm curious what you make of the feminine/masculine. Do you live your life in a particular mode? Have a strong sense of what masculinity or femininity means? Conceptions of the feminine and masculine fascinate me, so please share!


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