Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Dance Crush of the Month

Whoops, I went 48 Hours Dark before I could post my July Book Music Dance crush of the month: Marko Germar from So You Think You Can Dance.  By far Marko is the sexiest of my crushes.

For those who don't follow SYTYCD, here's why Marko makes me weak in the knees:
  • When the store he worked in was held up, he stood up to the gunman.  He was shot in the shoulder and the bullet is STILL there.  The guy still dances like a master.
  • He's Filipino from Guam.  My previous crushes should've made clear I'm all over the Asian-Spanish thing.
  • While his multi-genre dancing is RIDICULOUS, I didn't develop my lust until this tango:
Something about that open-collared shirt and the dominance.  Watch just the first 10 seconds of this dance - the little flick of the sleeve before he stalks Melanie.

Melanie  Marko - Tango by choco-intense

Congrats to everyone who finished their first 48 Hour Dark Experiment!  You can still sign up HERE for the marathon.  I'm beginning my second session as soon as this posts.


  1. I. Love. MARKO!!! And yes, he was very sexy in that number! I approve of your crush :D

  2. Yup. That Asian-Spanish thing sure makes a great combination. :P

  3. Oooh, I can see why you like him from his pic alone. I don't watch SYTYCD. No TV stations here. You'd think I'd get a lot done that way. You'd think :-)

  4. Here via Bluestocking's blog. Definitely agree with you there. Marko and Melanie are my faves. They're the best couple since Mark & Chelsea (season 4) IMO. LOVE them together. But they're both equally good apart. Marko is pretty much a rock star. If Melanie weren't in this season as well, he'd win by a country mile. I hope he comes back as an all star!

  5. I don't watch the show but he does sound amazing! Plus he does look pretty hot in that photo. :) Thanks for sharing!


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