Monday, July 11, 2011

Snitches Be Crazy: Harry Potter Exhibit Opening

making friends in line
Krispy, Karyn and I waited over 2 hours in line to get got our cosplay on at Gallery Nucleus's Harry Potter exhibit opening.

We played the Bertie Botts WORST GAME EVER - each bowl had identical jelly beans that were either, for example, Peach...or VOMIT.

I ate:
  • canned dog food
  • toothpaste
  • boogers
  • centipede
but was lucky enough to miss:
  • rotten egg
  • skunk spray

next to a Hermione portrait w/ Luna Lovegood
    the Lovegoods, Cho Chang and, um, me
    (wait, aren't I supposed to be on a 48 Hour Dark Experiment? Yes I am; I pre-blogged this.)


    1. Ha ha, awesome pictures. That exhibit looks fab and fun.

    2. The "Snitches be crazy" T-shirt had me rolling. Thanks for the laugh!

    3. I think Saturday drained me too much because I was not doing so good later on Sunday. :P

      In any case, cute pics! I'll have to post mine later. :)

    4. And how did I not get an invite to this?! :D Looks like you gals had fun. Love the pictures and the costumes!

    5. OMG!!! That's awesome. I love your costume! I'm so freaking excited for the movie this weekend - it is going to be. SO. EPIC. And I'm planning a trip to Harry Potter World in January so I'll really be able to nerd out. Thanks for sharing the pics!

    6. How exciting! And barftastic with the Bertie Botts flavors. Eep!

    7. Best. Post. Ever. :D

      (You're lucky you didn't pick VOMIT. UGH. UGH. UGH. I didn't dare to try another bean after I ate that one.)

    8. hi - saw our blog on another blog's sidebar! cute outfit!

      my family and i are looking forward to seeing this exhibit. we are going up to check it out next weekend. :) heard about it during a visit to whimsic alley where my daughter went nuts over the candy and the wands.


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