Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Psychedelic Tiger and Blog in Review Meme

I know.  It's out of control, isn't it?

And now, 1-Year Blogaversary Fest continues with - a meme you can steal!

Take the first line from the first post of each month this year (link to it) and you've got your very own blog in review.

2011 Blog in Review

Happy Birthday New Blog
"You were born on 1/11/11."

The 48-Hour Dark Experiment
You can't make me, but you can sure join me! "

I Dreamt of High School, I Mean Beverly Hills
"I've been having a series of intensely vivid dreams this week and after reading Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall yesterday I was sure I'd dream about it. "

April Boobs Day
"When I first moved back to NYC after a run through Hollywood, I got a new friend to spread a rumor that I had gotten implants."

Heading South with the Boyfriend
"Let's go Vin; my ex Dwayne looks mad!"

May/APA Music Crush of the Month: Bruno Mars
"It may be June, but APA month continues here at Sophia the Writer!"

Boba 4 Life!
"Accent vlog with Krispy concludes with read-alouds from Imaginary Girls and White Cat - plus a lesson in what to call your grandparents in Taiwan Mandarin. "

Mashti Malone
"I'm off to the 40th SCBWI Conference!"

1000 Mile Weekend
"Sorry I'm behind on the writer's campaign and CPing - I was getting card sharked by this kid:"

In My Mailbox #4
"It's time to thank some giveaway hosts!"

NaNoRevMo and WriMo
"This is the first Saturday I haven't had to work or rehearse in over a year!"

NYC Boba and Boba 4 Life: Questions Pt 2
"Greetings from NY!"

Giveaway is coming tomorrow...

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