Monday, January 30, 2012

Ask The Soap Expert! Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks

We have an expert in the house!

Please welcome Amy Warden, owner of Great Cakes Soapworks in Kansas.  Amy handmakes her soaps using a cold process and delicious ingredients (like olive oil and goat's milk).

I found Great Cakes while researching for my novel and on top of answering my questions, Amy was kind enough to send me some samples.  I was so blown away by them I had to have her on the blog.  She's here every day this week to answer any questions you have about making soap - face, body, even laundry detergent.  Amy also makes lotion and lip balm, so don't be shy.

All of the following reviews are completely unsolicited.

Lavender Meadows Goat Milk Soap
My formerly nice Asian skin has been acting like a psychotic teenager lately to my intense embarrassment.  I've used this soap twice and already my face is smoother and not screaming at me anymore.  The scent is light and calming and, like all Amy's soaps, washes off with no residue.  Fans of Lush are going to love this soap.

Whipped Shea Butter - Hazelnut Vanilla flavor
I'm a compulsive hand-washer who lives in a semi-arid climate and I keep my tiny tub of this on the mail table to dab on before I leave the house every day (just a little bit works).  Today my ashy legs (yes Asians can get ashy) itched like crazy until I dabbed them too.  It's stayed on all day.  My boyfriend likes the smell way more than the national hippie brand I was using from the drugstore.

Handmade Lip Butter - Orange Creamsicle flavor
My favorite part about Amy's products is how clean they feel and smell.  With the low number of ingredients that I can actually identify, I like feeling "natural".  I'm a handmade junkie now.

Great Cakes will debut the Valentine's Day line on January 31st - only 11 soaps in each batch so get 'em early.  You can get 10% off all orders for life with the Preferred Customer Signup.

Leave any and all soap questions in the comments - Amy will come by everyday to answer them.  (Make sure you're registered with Disqus or at least signed up to receive replies.)  If this goes well, I might start an Ask the Expert series!

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