Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aria Dragons and Air Force One

It's Chinese New Year and you know what that means:

the best part of the family Chinese New Year dinner
What, not money?

I tagged along on a last-minute trip to Vegas (aren't they all) where every casino was decked out in dragon red in the hopes of seeing more Chinese green.

Look at those coins. See, about the money.

dragon dance at the Aria hotel
at Crystals in City Center

Dragon year is going to be amazing - as writers y'all better harness this energy.

To make investment bankers jealous of how we roll.  Duh.  Why else did you take this lucrative job as a YA author?

To inspire you, here's a video of the reason my return flight was delayed: Air Force One bringing the President to Vegas.  Our video doesn't capture the massive size of this plane - seriously the biggest one I've ever seen IN REAL LIFE, including the double decker jumbo jet I took to Taiwan back in the good old, um I won't say what decade.

Trust, POTUS is pimp.

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  1. The year of the dragon brings with it energy...I will have to harness that too! Looks like a fun trip!


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