Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Random Facts

Alz and fellow Campaigner Cheryl Reif  tagged me, though I'm not sure what more I can share that you don't already know from this list of cool experiences from Harvard and Hollywood and this list of weird health ailments :D

1) I'm trained as both a life coach and a woo-woo therapist

2) Yes, I once danced with one of Britney Spears' back-up dancers at a club so exclusive it was inside another club.

3) I adopted my dog by accident.  At the shelter, I'd put a hold on both him and this chihuahua (I know, right) and I was going to cancel his hold and go with the little yapper, but they didn't spay her in time (a harder procedure for females) and neutered him instead.  So I brought Terry home and now he's my son.

4) Before Terry, we fostered MANY dogs from pugs to chis.  My favorite breed is still pit bulls, like Manny.

5) I love handmaking cards

6) I find everything in restaurants too sweet and too salty.

7) Two words: neti pot.  (After blogging about my daily headaches, Suz suggested this cure.)

8) I hate anime.  I'm sorry!  Those squeaky pedophiliac girl voices freak me out.

9) I'm a cry-baby.  I cried twice during Encino Man.

10) One last time: TEAM JACOB!  Vote for your team here.


  1. Pit bulls! I own a red nose pit named Pluto :D He's so adorbs.

    I need to look up this neti pot. I have daily headaches during a certain time of the month >_>

  2. Encino Man makes me cry, too, but that's because I can't let Brendan Fraser cry alone. That man is a dream.
    Nice getting to know you better!

  3. all about Team Jacob too! love that you are a woo-woo therapist!

  4. Hey Sophia! Since I can't stop wanting to learn more about you (you always make things so entertaining!), I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger award again to you, hehehe....I'm publishing it today on Catharsis. Anyway....sorry to hear that restaurants are problematic. It must suck eating out :-(

  5. Pit bulls are sooo sweet :) I have a boxer from the shelter. He was starved and skinny and afraid of everything when we brought him home, but now he's happy, a little on the hefty side, and no longer hides from thunder or garbage trucks. And yeah, definitely Team Jacob :). Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dude, you can never have enough salt. Just sayin'. Number two, I love handmaking cards too! Before I was a writer, I was a stamper. I am currently cleaning out my garage, and I'm selling a ton of rubber stamps and ribbon and... yeah. It's not pretty.

  7. I love that Terry is a rescue dog - both of ours are rescues as well. Maggie we found after she'd been thrown out of a moving car in the middle of Wyoming, Shea we got from the Humane Society. Rescues are the best dogs. And I love pit bulls, too! Makes me sad how misunderstood they are; it's just wrong.

    Happy to have connected with you! :)

  8. Love your photo! I'm a crybaby too, haha. I totally voted for your poll. Team Jacob was tempting but I'm afraid I had to go with the last option. :P

  9. Hi Sophia- I also don't get the anime thing. Technically I am Team Jacob, but it makes me feel creepy considering T.L. is only a year older than my daughter. :(

  10. Woo-woo therapy sounds awesome. I could go for a bit of that myself ;)

  11. Hey Sophia,
    Love finding out these facts about you (as if I don't know enough already!). Hey and I did give that neti pot a try. It worked for me i think...

  12. There were so many dogs in NYC! I want one so much more now!!! I miss having a dog. :(

    No need to apologize about anime. Many people don't like it & yes, those high-pitched voices can be SO annoying. Maybe we just need to find you the right show? :P

  13. Neti Pots are amazing. Sometimes I use mine two or 3 times a day.

    Tears during Encino Man?! LOL, that's kind of adorable!

  14. It was fun to learn more about you! Sounds like I've made a great friend :) Thanks for the follow on my blog.


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