Friday, September 23, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I NEVER had a school assignment that asked what we did on our summer vacay's - that always sounded like a cliche made up from the 50's, like the Easter Bunny or moms who wear aprons.  (Who does that other than hipsters??) (The only time I wore an apron was to model a designer one no one can afford for a trade show in NYC.)

So I'm THRILLED to be a part of fellow Campaigner Michael di Gesu's blogfest!

Camp NaNowriMo and high tea with the ladies from the Los Angeles Twilight Lovers Group (the same ones who were interviewed by - where I got to reenact Bella)

Played Bellatrix at the Harry Potter midnight showing with Krispy (what's with me playing Bella-'s?) and a Gryffindor at the Harry Potter Exhibit at Nucleus Gallery

Possessing the Elder Wand

Krispy and I had a very gangster birthday at the 20's-40's-themed Cicada Club downtown.

Look - a photo of the elusive Alz!  Why is there a big purple splotch instead of her face?  Because if I show her face, she will hunt me down and kill me (and take back the Yellowfiendatee she sewed me).

Real life writer-blogger pals Anime and Nutschell (who took most of these photos) stopped by too:

And of course, SCBWI.  This was a GREAT summer.


  1. Dude. I think you WIN. Your summer was the BEST. You go to all the best parties, have all the coolest friends, get to wear all the prettiest dresses. (why do I feel a Broadway musical coming on?)

    AND, I want to email you but I'm not sure I have the right email addy for you. I'll try tweeting you, but if you see this first ... email me! ali at ali cross dot com!

  2. That is one awesome summer vacay with pics too! Wonderful!


  3. I had to do a few of those looked like you had an awesome summer. Your purple dress is gorgeous!

  4. You've never had that assignment? I had to do it tons of times through elementary school!

    Anyway, it was indeed an awesome summer! :D And yay! You have a picture with Ani! I forgot to do that before I left. Both of you look super cute! :)

  5. Very fun! And great pics, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi, Sofia,

    Well, you certainly brought back my modeling days in NYC with all the fanfare. I almost want to have that life again... LOL.

    I'll leave it to all the teens and twenty-somethings to live through now. I had my time in the spotlight.

    Thanks so much for sharing your exciting summer with us!

  7. Love the photos! So cool that you had such an awesome summer. :D

  8. Fun pictures, thanks for sharing. How did Camp Nanowrimo work out for you?

  9. Love that i was a part of your summer vacation. So when are we hanging out again?
    BTw, Come drop by my blog to claim your AWARD!



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