Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Over, Marcus Mumford (Though I Still Love You)

Boyfriend: Did you notice Marcus sings out of the side of his mouth sometimes?
Me: Really? I was too busy noticing how the light makes his eyes twinkle.
This week my boyfriend delivered the second half of his Valentine's gift: a trip to Vegas to see Mumford & Sons.

the keyboardist showing that accordions rock
I had this plan to dress super hawt so that Marcus Mumford would pick me out of the audience to marry him.

Then I found out the concert was outside.  On top of a pool.  (With a cover on it.)

Jeans and a scarf it is.

We were one of the only 2 Asians and everyone was ginormously tall so I mostly watched them on the screen that broadcasts to the Strip.

my future husband
He played the accordion with his tongue and I nearly fainted.


He came back for the encore and he was SMOKING.

It is so over, Marcus Mumford.  ::crying::


It's my actual boyfriend's birthday - we'll be steaking out tonight!


  1. What an awesome birthday gift from your boyfriend.
    Also, I can give rockstars a pass on the smoking...cuz, ya know, they're bad boy rockstars.

    Happy Birthday to you...and your boyfriend. I hope you got him something good, because he sure deserves it. :)


  2. Aw thanks Lola! It was't for my bday though; Mumford was for Valentine's day.

    And I got him a laptop :)

  3. Sorry to leave a comment here, but I couldn't find an email! I was wondering if you were still scouting a photographer, b/c my sister will be in LA April 24-30th. Their schedule is here:

    If not, that's totally ok, I just thought I'd give you a poke :)

  4. So cool, I love Mumford - and you got to see him, awesome. Lucky duck.

  5. Smoking? Bleh. That would ruin it for me too.

    What a sweet boy you have ^_^


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