Thursday, April 21, 2011

All My Women Boyfriends (and 7 Random Facts)

Thank you Angela Perry!

The rules for this award are

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated me.
  • Share seven random facts about myself.
  • Pass the award along to 15 new-found blogging buddies.
  • Contact those buddies to congratulate them.
7 Random Facts About Sophia
  1. I am certified in canine behavior from the ASPCA in NYC. I've worked with everybody from Rottweilers to Pomeranians. I've even taught a shelter dog to moonwalk on command.
  2. During the week I shared a makeup trailer with Katie Holmes (I sat in the next chair), I learned that her life was quite normal (she was with Chris Klein at the time.)
  3. I'm learning to beatbox (at a glacial pace) at the request of one of my a capella group members.
  4. My mom once met director Ang Lee and went on an on about me. She must have been memorably pushy because when I met Ang Lee a few months later, he said, "I remember your mom."
  5. I was Jackie Chan's interpreter when he came to Harvard as a guest and there's a photo of us in the Boston Globe laughing. I had to get up at 4 a.m. to go to the airport to meet his private jet (Zhang Zhiyi was on it, sleeping) and I got to ride around campus in his limo all day with his entourage.
  6. Number of times I've thrown my back out in a dance-off at a club/party: 2
  7. Number of times I've split my pants dancing at a club/party: 2
 (Number of parties/clubs I've danced at in the last 6 months: 0)

15 Gals I Swoon Over New Blogging Buddies
  1. Cindy Pon Even though she's published and famous, she's sooooo down to earth. Sometimes I pinch myself and ask, "Is the popular (mom) girl actually talking to ME?" Plus she likes Betsey Johnson.
  2. Jo Whittemore Another uber-published author that fangirls like me can talk to. Even when I gush like this about them. She likes Betsey too.
  3. Krispy My new boba/burger buddy
  4. Alz My new boyfriend (in my mind)
  5. Samantha Sotto This is one of the most supportive authors I've ever blog-met - Sam comments on blogs like a fiend. And is super cute. Just sayin'.
  6. Ali Cross Ali is the ninja of networking and another great commenter. Join the dojo.
  7. Lola Sharp Lola gives good virtual hug. What more can you ask for?
  8. Miranda Kennealy is not just an author but also a super smart D.C. politico who gets my Yale (sucks) jokes. SEXY.
  9. Ellen Oh is the Don - she just got a 3-book deal. Can we all sigh jealously now?
  10. Ani I'm STILL hoping to see this cool chick at a local SCBWI event soon :D
  11. **this blog friend is award-free** :(
  12. Summer Frey can probably found her own networking dojo :)
  13. Kristine Asselin another super supportive author (I was lucky enough to win a most excellent query critique from her)
  14. Joy Page Manuel kind of defines versatile (she has a Masters in Sociology)
  15. Sarah Skilton I was supposed to meet Sarah IN REAL LIFE this week but my stupid body barred me with a migraine and I am now hunting her down to meet IN REAL LIFE asap. Kind of because I can't believe how cute her blog photos are and I want to see this in person. I will report back (with photos if she lets me.) (And if this post hasn't freaked her out.)
As you can see, I crush very easily on fellow writers, women, and bloggers.  If you're a friendly woman writer/blogger, it's all over.  I will be your loyal boyfriend for life.


    1. You have the coolest seven random facts! Mine are always boring and probably about Star Trek. I loved number one, especially. I'd like to teach my cats how to moonwalk...

    2. What Summer said! You DO have some fab random facts.
      I totes want to learn to beatbox, but I've tried. I suck at it. Suckity suck at it.

      Also, I LOVES me some Betsey Johnson. I've loved her since the 80s.

      Congrats on your well deserved award!
      And THANK YOU for passing one along to me. I confess, I'm sorta the place where blog awards go to die, the award black hole. I'm SOOOO behind on them. But, I am grateful.

      Hugs and kisses,

    3. Compared to my blog photos, I am terrifying, so let's meet someplace with low lighting. And now *I* have probably freaked *you* out :) Thanks for the award. Can't wait to meet you, and hear about your various dance-off / beat box adventures!

    4. Oh, more blogs for me to stalk. Fun! (Why the heck do we all sound like creepers in your comments?)

      Thanks for the award! I suck at passing them on, but I do like doing the random fact-spewing they often require. Speaking of, your random facts are cool! You've met so many famous Asians! Whut. Hopefully, you or Alz will become famous soon so I can put that on MY random facts lists and be like I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. TRUFAX.

    5. You met Jackie Chan and Ang Lee? That's so awesome!

      The Don approves.

    6. Thanks for the award, Sophia! Your life rocks!! You've raised the bar so much, how can anyone top those 7random facts? Now I'm gonna have to write mine and have them 'taste' like cardboard..boohoo!

    7. You guys are hilarious and awesome. I was so afraid of this award - it's a beast. I understand if it dies at your blog but at least show the random facts so I can get to konw you :)

    8. Wow, your random facts are so cool! I should be writing instead of blog surfing, but now I have 15 more blogs to check out and I'll probably still be procrastinating several hours from now. It's worth it though to come across fun blogs like yours! I'm now your 90th blog follower. :-)


    I love dogs AND comments!


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