Monday, April 11, 2011

Ladies Do Dessert

Krispy organized a little lady's night this weekend to celebrate (bemoan?) my moving away.  We dined on Taiwanese fare then moved to a popular Chinese dessert joint where we shared this deliciousness:

Sweet Almond and Black Rice hot dessert soup

And I discovered Krispy's sister's napkin stash:

Alz joined us at Krispy's house.  Though she'll never show her face online, I captured her signature rings a few weeks ago at our Borders date. (I thought that date went well, but she still refuses to be my boyfriend.  I'm trying to get her to knit a hipster cap for me as a consolation prize.  I'll buy the yarn!)

It's Twilight meets Austen


  1. I fear you and I were never meant to be together, my darling! Forever will the threads of fate intersect to form a cruel web of cikd destiny keeping us apart! But if you will tell me your favorite color you like to wear, perhaps someday there will be something colorful to keep your head warm.

  2. That picture of your dessert made my stomach growl. I'm serious. grrrrrr......

  3. You're moving? Where? If it's to Utah, I can recommend a great restaurant!

  4. Man, I want more of that dessert now, but I will be sad that I can't call you up and be like LET'S GET SOME. :(

    But there WILL BE an Umami Burger outing in our future!

  5. Okay, now I am REALLY hungry. That dessert looks divine. :)


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