Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm on a Photo Shoot

I'm modeling jewelry!

It's been a crazy, packed week chasing down makeup artists and zipping myself into countless dresses.  The whole team didn't think we'd get it together in time, but as creative endeavors often do, everything came together in the end.

Last night I was on a rooftop overlooking downtown L.A.  Today I'm crouching against rocks at the beach in Orange County, hoping the tide doesn't sweep me away.

Here's a dress that didn't make the cut, but is fabulous:

In addition to this shoot, my a capella group is taking official photos tomorrow.  And I still have to work then pack for a weeklong trip - that begins Monday morning.



  1. Wow! So glamorous, girl! When are you going to post more photos??

  2. *excited squee* I can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Fabulous indeed! You make my life seem like such a schlubby dump. :)

  4. Gorgeous dress!

    And YAY! for your week long trip >:)

  5. Very glamorous! Sounds like you're having an action-packed time right now. Definitely post pics if you can!

  6. Ditto to all the people asking for more pics! I totally want to see! And yes, very glam dress.

  7. lovely dress! You must feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw? How fun!!

  8. Why are you so pretty?!? Definitely put up more pics :)

  9. an acapella group too? Do you ever sleep? haha!

    I thought I was busy. :)


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