Monday, April 23, 2012

I Sign Autographs Too and #TeamAmity

I've had a crush on Tahereh Mafi ever since I joined the Kate Spade club:

my shirt has horses on it
Two weeks ago Krispy, Alz and I went to the Spring Into Future Book Tour and, dream of dreams, my crush found out I was the first iPod silhouette and asked me to sign something for her:

L to R: Marie Lu, me, Tahereh with my autograph, Veronica Rossi
Krispy's got all the photos of how it went down HERE.


I've finally chosen a team in the major Divergent promo going on right now.  While Abnegation bribed me muchly with their ginormous giveaway, I stuck with the faction I was sorted into on facebook last year.  THE HIPPIES!

#teamAmity ftw
logo takes you to Team HQ

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