Monday, April 16, 2012

Dirty Writers Club

My CP, Juliana Brandt, is guest posting today to invite you into the Dirty Writers Club with us.

I'm not sure I believe that being a writer has much to do with natural talent, but more to do with our ability to work our butts off, get our hands dirty, sit in front of a computer for hours-days-weeks-months at a time, and stick with it even when we're discouraged. We have to put in so much energy that when people look at our work, it appears effortless. No one finds success without first dedicating themselves to the work.

I officially christen us, Dirty Writers.

What's a Dirty Writer? A Dirty Writer isn't afraid of pulling on their rubber gloves and getting to work. They dig their hands into their WIPs and don't shy from deleting entire chunks of writing. They rewrite the same sentences so many times that their eyes go googly and they forget the difference between a comma and a period. Most of all, they stick around and support other writers when no one wants to do any of the above.

They put in 10,001 hours of work before claiming they know something about the writing process.

Are you a Dirty Writer? I hope so. Take the quiz below to find out.

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