Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Day in the Life: Lupe Fernandez

Our first guy's Day in the Life!  Despite this being the most other-worldly day yet, somehow it's the most relatable to my life...must be a Los Angeles thing.


Lupe Fernandez writes YA, Middle Grade, Picture books and contributes to the World Famous The Pen & Ink Blog, where he is currently the Mexican-In-Residence. Named after the most Holy Virgin of Mexico, Lupe admits the reputation is tough to maintain. He studied at UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, including a Master Class in memoir. His interests include photography, Latin American history, the space program, Anasazi cliff dwellings and chocolate chip cookies. Lupe lives and writes in Los Angeles, and is a card carrying member of SCBWI.

A Day in a Life
By Lupe Fernandez

7:01 am: Eat breakfast of four eggs. Yeah, that’s right. I eat four eggs for breakfast and my cholesterol is fine.

7:50 am: Go to gym and swim for forty minutes. Prehistoric mollusk interrupts lap swim.

9:15 am: Shower and leave gym.

9:32 am: To get back into apartment, I must battle sword-wielding skeleton.

9:45 am: Listen to the rest of the Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ.

10:00 am: Work on current manuscript about teen defends a girl in a student mock court against charges of moral misconduct – appearing in a porn video.

11:34 am: Cyclops interrupts WIP and requires dispatching beast.

12:00 pm: Listen to Warren Olney moderate To The Point on KCRW.

12:31 pm: Time for lunch. Eat two no-salt turkey sandwiches in wheat bread.

1:02 pm: Watch TV first season of Bones on DVD.

2:03 pm: Shoo giant bee from window

3:11 pm: Go through book collection and chose which ones will go and which ones will be packed for move.

3:23 pm: Check The Pen & Ink Blogspot for comments and new posts by favor bloggers like Sophia The Writer.

4:01 pm: Read YA book Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne.

4:24 pm: Fall asleep in comfy chair.

4:57 pm: Woken by hissing seven-headed Hydra

5:01 pm: Too tired to fight the Hydra, I take a trip to the Moon

6:15 pm: Check TV Guide to see if anything good is on TV tonight.

6:23 pm: Hide from hungry Lunar Calf.

7:00 pm: Overdue for dinner. I fly Professor Cavour’s sphere back to Earth.

7:45 pm: Eat leftover Sloppy Joes, rice and Ready-Washed lettuce. Yum.

8:00 pm: Watch more of Bones, Season One.

8:24 pm: Pause DVD player as sword-wielding statue of Kali interrupts me.

9:01 pm: Talk to girlfriend while avoiding being sliced by Kali.

9:15 pm: Take refuge in the Fountain of Destiny, but Centaur and Griffin make too much noise.

10:02 pm: Finish phone call with girlfriend. Brush teeth and gargle. Go to bed and read another chapter of Harbinger.

11:04 pm: Turn off reading lamp and settle for sleep.

11:56 pm: Flying Saucer attacks, but I’m too sleepy to look. I’m sure LAPD helicopters will take care of the noisy aliens from a dying planet.

That’s my day as a writer. Not too exciting with caring for kids or walking the dog.

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