Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blogging Booboos Revisited and Great Comments Award

Remember Top 3 Things Well-Meaning Bloggers Do That Drive Readers Nuts?

The faux pas that especially struck a chord with readers was #1: word verification.

After that post I became a one-woman rally.  If you have a word verified blog, I begged you to eradicate hoop-jumping.  Along with Jon Yang, I also got a blogger to turn on full RSS feed for wordpress (faux pas #3).

Unfortunately only 2 bloggers responded to my word verification pleas.  (Or maybe the other bloggers responded in their own comments - #2).  Don't worry,  I've given up annoying the blogosphere with my crusade.

For my one-year blogaversary Jon installed Disqus for me, which I thought would help me respond to comments better.  I sometimes regret this change - the old way was fine and actually made it easier to comment back on people's blogs.  Not everyone is registered with Disqus so I don't have a link to their blogs.

Also, when readers use the mobile site, their comments only show up with Blogger, but not on the post.

Will you let me know what you think of using Disqus versus Blogger's original platform?  I might switch back.

Now I want to appreciate the flip side - great commenters.  When I comment I do put time and thought into responding, so it touched me when Tasha Seegmiller presented me with the

It's an unfair award because I'm bound to forget somebody and sometimes fantastic commenters get busy with life.  But I want to recognize:

Coleen Patrick
Mrs. Pancakes
Krispy from A Nudge
Angela Brown
Samantha Sotto
Meradeth Houston
TL Conway
Margo Berendson
Julie Dao
Tere Kirkland
Theresa Milstein

Thank you for all your support!!

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