Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Not-Organized-By-Vampire-At-All Bookshelf

Alphabetical? Nope. Vampire.

That's right. My bookshelf is organized by vampire series.

I actually enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse books more than Twilight, but it's easier to be a Twi-Hard and find paraphernalia.

And for the record, though you see a Pocket Edward, I am Team Jacob.  (I'm still waiting for a certain boyfriend to get me the Jacob Barbie doll.)  (Yes I am a grown woman.)

After the vampires, the rest of the shelf is divided in bookstore fashion:

Middle shelf:
YA, graphic novel

Bottom shelf:
Fiction, Memoir, a "sculpture" of books that didn't fit anywhere (travel or oversize),Non-fiction

Show me your shelves!  And don't even think about putting the Cullen crest away, air those guilty pleasure books and merch!


  1. hI! you won the EMkats give away :) did you send me your address already??

  2. I shelve by the color of the spine. all blue spines grouped. All orange, red, brown ...
    It's really hard when I try to find a book. There is no telling where it is.


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