Monday, January 31, 2011

I Am Not An Addict! You Can't Make Me!

It's official.  My internet, um, "predilection" is out of control.  I'm spending more time reading your blogs than working on my novels. 

I spend more time combing your Goodreads reviews than reading actual books.

Last night when I had Real-Housewives-of-Beverly-Hills-induced insomnia, I spent an hour reading all of Seth MacFarlane's tweets dating back to last August.  That was kind of worth it.

I need to unplug.  Mary Campbell used to do a dark week.  I would probably die, but at least I would finish my third novel.

Okay people, how do you control your internet, uh - cravings?  Do you go dark regularly?  Did you die?


  1. A few years ago I went completely offline for about three months. I'm not sure that I did anything worthwhile during those three months (except read a lot more), but I have found that ever since then I can't stand to be online for more than an hour or so at a time (this does not include WoW, which I can stand to be on for a long time every night for about a week before I get sick of it and don't log on again for another week :P).

    That being said: DON'T LEAVE ME FOR THREE MONTHS!

  2. Don't worry, blog addiction is curable. It just takes, oh, about a year or two for the newness to wear off. :) Do you have that much time? In the mean time, just use it as a reward for doing your writing "homework". Don't let yourself get online until you complete a chapter or a certain number of words. It seems to work for me. Or go someplace where you don't have internet access to work on your novel. That works even better (because then you can't cheat). :)

  3. I've taken blogging breaks, but I've never been able to completely unplug. I'm an addict too! The thing is, I'm usually the most crazy about checking and keeping up with things when I first start them. Or like if I'm REALLY procrastinating. I think the addiction loses some of its strength with time.

    That said, I do usually have to coerce/trick myself in the fashion Kasie suggested: I can check facebook after I've done IMPORTANT THING first.

  4. Find someone who will adequately mock you when you don't get any work done. It seems to work for me, haha.

    I would LOVE to trade work. My e-mail is, Write me sometime and we'll figure out logistics. Thank you :)

  5. My problem is I'm so erratic about blogging. I need to be more disciplined about it. I have gone dark on purpose and I loved it and felt like it sort of reset me. What I hate is when I get obsessive and read to much and get burned out or start obsessing about my blog and then end up hating it and walking away for awhile. Silly. Stupid.

  6. I know what you mean! I spend too much time blogging and watching TV when I avoid writing. I don't unplug, but I do give myself time limits, forcing me to get some writing done.

    Thanks for joining my 400 Followers Fiesta. Good luck!

  7. Ha. I could never switch it off!! Facebook is my outlet for connecting with the crazy people who somehow keep me sane. I also need to check the news once in a while to make sure the Apocalypse hasn't come and gone. Yes, I would be the one to miss it. If I'm under deadline I will try to curb my internet habit, but most of the time, I'll try to write for an hour, then go back on online. Get my fix then get back to work!
    I'm not too concerned about it all yet. Good luck!

  8. Hi Sophia! Another writer/worker. :) It's good to meet you! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I hope to see you back.

    And about the internet/blogging urges - I have to turn off my internet button on my laptop in order to get any work done!

  9. I want to unplug for a little while too! If you do, I'll do it with you.


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