Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everything But Actual Writing

I'm totally there - spending so much time on writing-related activities that I'm not actually writing.

In the last two weeks I:

  • attended a webinar with agent Sara Megibow
  • exchanged pages with two new critique partners
  • started a new blog and twitter with my real name
  • found new friends and books on Goodreads
  • scoured craft books and the internet to work on character development for a WIP
  • kept reading YA fantasy novels
  • researched conferences to attend this year
  • made a syllabus for my personal MFA program, replete with reading lists and homework
  • listened to hours of Pandora and thesixtyone for writing music
  • became addicted to Google reader
I wrote a total of three paragraphs.

This networking and craft-learning and industry research is turning into a monster!  I need to balance this with actual time for writing.

How have you found the balance?


  1. Hehe... I'm not a writer nor am I trying to be so blogging (aka talking about myself) is more of an outlet... as well as letting family and a few friends know what's going on with me. :)

    Good luck with your writing ventures! That list is a lot to take on!

  2. Found the balance? Who has actually done that? I need to kidnap this person and make them tell me all their secrets....

  3. LOL this sums up my life often. I find that I can find a million ways not to START writing. Once I start (for the day, the novel, the re-writes, whatever), inertia sets in and I'm fine. Best of luck with writing and all things writing-related!

  4. Wow...you have been busy! Your new blog is looking fab, and there are already some pretty neat gems! Looking forward to more, and good luck with your move to PT!

    P.S. Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog. :)

  5. P.P.S. I signed up to that webinar too! But because of time zone differences, I was at work. :( Hopefully the archived recording will be sent to me today! :)

  6. Talk about a productive start to 2011. I'm jealous. Best of luck!

  7. I think balance is just something you find with time. I hate to say, but it probably took me about a year to back off the internet and tune back into my writing... :( Hopefully you can learn faster than me!

    Btw, I think it's awesome that you're doing a personal MFA (it's got me thinking now too...) and yay for gap year buddies! :)


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