Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My New French Boyfriend Gilles Marini

The Yardbirds sang at the Angel Awards again this year, benefiting Project Angel Food.  At last year's awards, we shared our green room with some Glee kids.

This year, I met my new boyfriend, Gilles Marini of ABC's Brothers and Sisters, Dancing with the Stars and Switched at Birth.

 talking with my new boyfriend and his, um, wife
I can't gush enough about how down to earth Gilles and his wife are, so I'll just say


I also embarrassed myself by stalking Alan Cumming, whose Scottish accent is unbearably adorable.

We lacked altos for this gig so two of us sopranos had to swing parts at the last minute and did a great job faking finesse.  Here are the boys starting House of Blue Lights: (you can see Cylon-girl Tricia Helfer in the bottom right corner)

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