Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance Wrap-up and Check In

I'm not back!  It's admissions and SAT season so I've been working 7 days a week and am pretty stressed out.  But I wanted to wrap up So You Think You Can Dance Summer and bring you your Sophia Hangs with a Celebrity photo of the month.

I was very pleased that Team Ballet won 2012 SYTYCD!

But here in L.A. animation stole the show.  Dragon House, home of finalist Cyrus, was in town for their SYTYCD performance and I got to dance with Brian "Chibi" Gaynor.

Chibi tears it up at a Hollywood club
Then the same day Chibi performed on the SYTYCD finale, my buddy's band Monsters Calling Home played the Jimmy Kimmel show!  It was a friendly night on TV last month.

Here's Ellen Oh's fangirl post on Monsters Calling Home, who are an all-Asian-American folk band.

Back to my revision and work cave now!

More Day in the Life to come, plus an account of the 2012 Los Angeles Pie Tour I've been hosting.  To keep up to date, find me on facebook where the latest controversy is my Am I A Hipster? photo album.  (Friends say yes.)

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