Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tiger Tea Tent Debuts at Camp NaNoWriMo!

Greetings from CampNaNoWriMo!

I'm writing from a cabin with five of your favorite Asian American female bloggers from around the world.  It took 3 days of coordinating a 16-hour time zone difference to present to you:

Tiger Tea Tent:

Camp NaNo's Only All-Azn Lady Cabin 


Julie Dao a.k.a. juleswrites

Novel: ELEGY
Genre: YA Mystery/Paranormal

Julie is relying on the magical power of chocolate-covered gummy bears to help her get through Camp NaNoWriMo.

Linda a.k.a. wistfullylinda

Novel: PURE AWESOMENESS (aka a fancier version of UNTITLED)
Genre: Fantasy

Linda has a love-hate relationship with NaNoWriMo; she is rather fond of the ease and instant gratification of signing up, but very much less so of the fog of failure that blooms above her head for a month due to her word count deficiencies. But, with the support of her cabinmates and the lessons she learned last time, she's pretty sure she'll manage to write at least a couple thousand more words than she did last year.

Alz a.k.a. shizalent

Novel: MINER (working title) / THE LAST MANATEE (side project for Camp Nano, for if I need a break)
Genre: High Fantasy / Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Fantasy with a Side of Manatees (link to Last Manatee post)

Alz has been faithfully Nanowrimoing since 2004 and faithfully Camp Nanoing since 2011. Her attention span has been getting shorter these days (hence the possible side project) but with manatees around, maybe her mind (what little there is) will stay more focused.

Emy Shin a.k.a. justemy

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Emy is a one-time NaNo winner and many-times NaNo loser who will hopefully up her score this time around!

Krispy a.k.a. Kangaru

Novel: (it's stand-in not-really name is...) LUCK
Genre: Fantasy

Krispy is an enthusiastic NaNo-er who never seems to learn she should really plan some stuff before she attempts to write 50,000 words in a month. Oh well. Good thing she's a pantser, and mostly she's at camp for the smores.

Sophia Chang a.k.a. YellowTypingFiend
Unofficial Cabin Counselor

Genre: YA Fantasy

NaNoWriMo is singularly responsible for Sophia finishing her first novel - and every one after.  Sophia has been a NaNo rebel for years now, using the month to revise or redraft.

Camp Counselor Soph makes sure the cabin mates are hydated, the names are unPC, and the kids get candy - even Gingers.

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