Thursday, July 26, 2012

National Dance Day

The Dizzyfeet Foundation (created by the So You Think You Can Dance team with Katie Holmes) is hosting National Dance Day again this Saturday, July 28th.

As I mentioned in my kickoff post, SYTYCD inspired me to connect with my charity of choice.  Because of NDD, I decided to contact the Asian Pacific Women's Center to lead movement workshops for the children at the shelter.

This year, a massive celebration will be held at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles, replete with food trucks and my SYTYCD favorite, Season 5's Brandon.

Food trucks and Brandon don't have anything in common other than I love them both.

You can learn the zumba or hip-hop routine that the country is doing en masse (I fear for us all), by visiting their facebook page.  And if you're brave, please share a video of yourself shaking it.

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