Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy So You Think You Can Dance Summer

Happy So You Think You Can Dance Summer here at Sophia the Writer!

A hearty welcome to our Asian contestant, Hawaiian-native Cole Horibe.  His precision and muscle control will make you think un-YA thoughts.

click me and regard the glory of my arms (photo downloadable at

SYTYCD is more than a show.  It inspired me to :

  1. Fulfill a childhood dream of being a professional dancer
  2. Which resulted in my working with Desmond Richardson, possibly the best contemporary ballet dancer right now and a SYTYCD choreographer
  3. Lead movement workshops for kids and recovering battered women at the Asian Pacific Women's Center
As you can see, my life has been altered forever by this show in the most amazing ways.  I hope that by sharing my experience with it over the next two months, you too will find inspiration.

Or at least enjoy the topless boys.

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  1. I'm obsessed with SYTYCD. I KNOW I can't dance but I love watching talented, passionate people perform. It's my favorite reality show, and Cole is actually my favorite contestant this season! In part bc I'm writing a half-Japanese, half-Russian character who practices martial arts, and Cole kind of reminds me of her :)


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