Monday, July 23, 2012

A Day in the Life: Kelsey Macke

I hate to share my lover with the world, but I cannot hold back our entirely-internet-based affair any longer.  For my next Day in the Life, I present my online-wife, Kelsey Macke.
You guys don't even knows the depths of my girl crush on Sophia.

Like, MY HUSBAND KNOWS ABOUT OUR LOVE... It's that serious. I thought it'd be a good idea to just make sure he knows she exists incase we decide to run off and make a world dominating girl rock band and get a little flat above a vintage jewelry shop.

So, yeah. Soph is in-crey-abb, and I am so happy that she indulged me by letting me participate in her cool-kids party over here.

6:45 AM
The hubs alarm goes off and he wakes to get ready for work. I spend the next hour or so with the covers over my head, resisting the call of daylight because it's summer. And I'm a middle school special education teacher (I work with lil rockstars who have emotional/behavioral disorders) and it's VACATION time.

7:30 AM
I eventually roll my butt out of bed and as soon as my feet touch the ground, I'm instantly awake and smiley because I'm insufferable morning person. I try to resist the singing part until he's out of the house, but don't always succeed.

At this point, I traipse downstairs and let the cats out of their kitty apartments.

(Yes, our cats are "crated" and it's AWESOME.)

At some point before 9 AM
I try to get outside and go for a jog before the sun here in North Texas begins to melt the pavement and turn the cement back into a liquid form which would trap me there forever, resulting in my skin burning off before lunch time. It really is hot here... and SO FREAKING HUMID.

9:45 AM
Showered and clean (unless I DGAF) I'm ready to do my daily vocal exercises. I'm a singer (folk indie duo, Wedding Day Rain, with the hubs -slash- musical theatre actress when I can) and warming up each day is great for my chords and makes it possible for my endless hours of youtube karaoke alone in my living room in front of my cats.

10:45 AM
I'm meeting some friends for lunch today, and I need to stop at the office supply store (aka the most important store in the universe) so I'm out the door headed for a little pick me up. I almost NEVER order the same drink at starbucks, but today, I go for a non-fat vanilla latte.

It is iced. Because I live in Nouveau Sahara.

10:57 AM

The new papermate inkjoys eye me from across the crowded aisle. I shyly avert my eyes, not wanting to be too forward, but quite confident that the feeling is mutual. The demonstration stand is on the endcap, scribbled on by so many patrons, filled with endless loopies, smiley faces, and dozens of "Hello"s.

I fight the urge to run away from the undoubtedly e coli infested sample pen. Eventually, I pick it up, and begin to write.


This moment is one of the highlights of my week.

1:45 PM
After an awesome lunch with two of my writer friends, I am rejuvenated.

These are the friends who tell you when you're being ridiculous.

And I am.

My contemporary YA manuscript needs some revision love to make it really shine, and I've been putting it off. My friends encouraged me to rip the bandaid and get in there.

I make plans to take a big bite out of my MS in the morning.

3:00 PM

This summer, I'm really excited to be working with new teachers who are coming into the profession from other careers. I'm filling in for an instructor for a couple of weeks, and teaching the basics class! I've always been interested in teaching adults, especially after graduate school, and this is the perfect chance to get my feet wet and see how I really respond to having adult students.

This will only be a short class, but the curriculum is fast and furious. I spend the next several hours going through my lessons and notes.

6:00 PM
Hubs is home, and he brought me ICE CREAM.

9:45 PM
I just realized that I've been at this very spot and on my computer for the past 5 hours.


Everyone's got a vice, I guess.

10:00 PM on the freaking DOT
I'm heading to bed with a little Harry Potter to keep me company. I re-read the series every other year or so, and I'm somewhere in the middle of Chamber of Secrets right now.

I usually go to bed early, but especially so tonight because I feel awfully sick. I - along with approximately 176 MILLION other women worldwide - have endometriosis, a chronic, painful disease which is, unfortunately, under diagnosed and often misunderstood.

So, that sucks.

But life doesn't!

Thank you, Soph, for having me here! And thanks to her readers for stepping into my crazy world of songs and words for a few moments today!

Obligatory paragraph in 3rd person:

Kelsey Macke is a YA writer, special education teacher, recovering graduate student, and singer from Dallas, Texas. She is in love with the internet, particularly twitter (@kelsnotchels) and blogging ( She likes office supplies, making music ( having an obnoxiously large smile, and sharing her home with an amazing husband and 2 cats. 

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  1. She sounds like someone worth knowing for sure and I love that's your online wife!!


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