Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Choose My September Crush of the Month

I'm behind on my Book/Music Crush of the Month series!

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  1. I read mostly YA and, other than Jacob Black (Team Jacob 4 LIFE), teen boys don't do it for me.
  2. Karl Marsten, the werewolf from Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series, is kind of sexy (are you seeing a werewolf theme here?)  But in that universe, my heart belongs to my inaugural Book Crush of the Month: Lucas Cortez.
  3. I LOVE Joe Manganiello as Alcide; like, I can't breathe when he comes onscreen (definitely a werewolf theme here.)  But I'm a canon zealot - I don't like what True Blood does with the storyline.  That is NOT the Alcide I know!
Since there's no werewolf to stir my fancy this month, I need your help.  

Tell me who you're crushing on in the book/music/TVspinoff world this month and I will feature the most popular hottie in a few days.  Guys, girls, trans, doesn't matter to me.  Tell me, who's hot?


  1. I read this book back in high school and loved it ever since..the guy in there Spencer...he has some demons but i thought he was so sexy!

  2. Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries. At least the age gap is a little smaller (unlike me with the whole Team Jacob thing!) :)

  3. I am on a YA kick right now. And while I find the boys to be quite sweet and charming, I (like you) cannot find it within myself to have a crush on a teenager. However, I did finish Nicki Elson's Three Daves recently and found her punker Dave to be crush worthy.

  4. Ummmm ..... I'm crushless at the moment. Sad for me :(

  5. Ugh, I am so drooling over that picture right now ;)

  6. Hi Sophia! I'm totally crushing on Sawyer from Lost. We've been watching the seasons on DVD and I didn't like him at first, but getting to see his character arc and soft side, plus he's hawt, I'm just a gush of crush right now... *silly giggle*

  7. Well.... because I am such a nerd, I'm crushing on Dr. Pellinore Walthrop from Yancey's MONSTRUMOLOGIST series. Yeah, the dark, intelligent, emotionally unavailable, brooding types.... sigh.

  8. Daayyyyumm *fans self* Haha. I'm really getting into Mad Men and the Vampire Diaries lately, so I would have to say Don Draper (what girl wouldn't?) and Damon.


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