Thursday, June 9, 2011

June/Gay Pride Music Crush of the Month: Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

Happy Gay Pride month!

My June music crush is Dani Shay, whom I discovered first on Krispy's blog.  She not only looks but sings like Justin Bieber, except her voice is a little deeper.  Tee.

Dani is first in line of a whole slew of lesbians who look like Justin Bieber.  The facebook group was taken down, which is just stupid, so click the link if you like girls who look like boys.  But let me warn you, these hotties are heartbreakers!

There's even a barbershop quartet of LesBiebers*:

*I coined this - attribute me, all me


  1. Lol, I'm pretty sure I like Dani more than Justin. Yup.

  2. LOL. I saw your title and I thought, Dani Shay? Haha.

  3. LOL! Dani Shay is waaaaaay cuter than Justin :-)

  4. I just saw the Go Go's and The B52s perform the other night. Their concert was hosted by Gay Pride. And Belinda Carlisle's son, who is gay, came out to sing a song.

  5. LOL, Dani Shay is gooood. ;) LesBiebers, too funny! I wonder if Lori has seen this? lol, she'd love it.

  6. Geezes, I have no idea how I missed this when it happened but thanks for the gift. I'll just keep on rewatching...


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