Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Gets Better

I watched this while repeating, "Not going to cry."  By the middle I was crying - especially when Jay Asher came on.

The young me could have desperately used this message, so this is what I tell young people now that I'm fogey enough to be a mentor.


  1. I love the message of this video - I just wish we could find a way to get to the root of why bullying happens in the first place. Things shouldn't have to get better. They should be great as they are. Children are only children once and it breaks my heart to think about how the only thing that keeps them going is the promise of things getting better in the future.

  2. What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. That's a great message. I hope encouragement is spread far and wide with this!! ;o)

  4. The It Gets Better videos always get to me. Thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG! My adult soul needed this:-) this is a wonderful video for kids! So heart warming and inspiring! And I got to see Gordon Korman, I loved his books as a child!

  6. I love this video! I think I'm going to post it on my Facebook. Too many children and teens deal with bullying on a daily basis, and the suicide rate for gay teens here in HI is up. My hair stylist is a big advocate and he's always giving me these facts. It's a serious issue. Thank you for posting!


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