Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Music Crush of the Month: Theron "Therry" Thomas

I tried really hard, I did. But I just couldn't find a Book Crush this month.  

Not Kent from Before I Fall, neither Ky nor Xander from Matched, and definitely NOT Jace Weyland. (I really hate that hot-cold thing.)

Dimitri from Vampire Academy almost did it, but I still can't get over the "he likes a high schooler" thing.  (I've only completed Book 3, so no spoilers about Dimitri!!)  Maybe by next book he'll get into my blood. Har har. Yeah.

So I had to go into the music world for my March Crush.  I present:

Theron "Therry" Thomas
Lead singer of church a capella group Committed, the winners of The Sing Off Season 2.
Therry's the one in the sweater...although all these fine brothers get an Amen...

I literally just watched the season finale tonight.  Over 4 months after the fact. And managed to have it not spoiled this entire time.  Being that I sing in an a capella group, this is quite a feat.  But most of you know by now how spoiler-averse I am.

Normally I don't like skinny guys. Like at all. But there's something about Therry's perpetual smile and innocent face. And preppy clothes. And of course, the singing.

Take it away, boys.


  1. Thank goodness--I didn't get the whole Dimitri thing either! I just couldn't bring myself to like him that much.

  2. I certainly can see the appeal!

    I totally agree with your first para on YA novel love interests, too.


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