Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Stalk = My First Guest

two stalks are better than one

So I crossed the digital divide and asked out IN REAL LIFE two of my favorite bloggers: Krispy and Alz from A Nudge in the Right Direction.

I wish I had a photo of how freakishly adorable they are IN REAL LIFE (sorry I'll stop shouting that now), but 1) I didn't have a camera 2) Alz doesn't put up public photos of her face.  So instead, here is a photo of me stalking.

(Yeah I actually wrote that.)

It's such a rare treat in my part of town to meet two girls in real life (better?) who I can sit down with and share our love of writing and reading, particularly of YA and fantasy.  Lately I've been wishing and hoping for more female friends - especially after a tough day like today, I could really use some gals to talk to!  So any ladies who want to meet up - in know the rest - or call just to chat, let me know.  Seriously.  I really will give you my number. 


I've managed to coerce  ask Alz nicely to guest blog  this week about her MFA experience, for which she wrote a fantasy thesis.  Yes writers, it can be done.

Check back in a few days for her post!

And Happy Pi Day.


  1. You will get to meet another internet friend IN REAL LIFE if you hurry up and decide when you are coming to see me >:D

  2. This is hilarious and awesome!!! I love meeting blog friends in real life. Here in Houston we get together and meet for dinner and at our local bookstore for upcoming authors. It's always a blast!

    Nice to meet you! I love finding new blog buddies... oh and I love that you're a ninja, one day that could be useful to me :)

  3. that is the most amazing picture ever lol!


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