Friday, February 25, 2011

A Barbie for the Ladies, with Poll

What is with all you Team Edward readers?

Perhaps my new doll will sway you:

He's on the Barbie Pink Label, ladies

Not convinced yet? Look at the back:

"One word: JORTS!" - card from my Unicorn

Be honest right now:

Sophia's readers are?


  1. lol god I hate jorts
    But I can tolerate them on a pack of hot Native Americans

  2. Honestly, Twilight's not really my cup of tea, but saying I hate it is a little strong (especially since, yes, I have read all of the books). I can see its appeal, and it has brought many LULZ into my life. Plus, I know quite a few people who LOVE the series. So to each his/her own! :)

    I am amenable to a lady date! Can I bring Alz as she is my writerly cohort? In any case, get better soon!

  3. LOL! You're too cute. You know we took a poll here in Hawaii, and guess who won? Jacob! Damn you shapeshifter lovers!! :)

    I'll admit that in the movie, I like him. In the books (which I read before the movie), I didn't like him so much. But since my husband's nickname is Jacob, do I have a choice?

  4. I can't believe you and I are the only Team Jacob votes so far (but am not suprised at Twilight hate).

    Team Jacob 4-evah! (Yes, I am 30... sigh...)

  5. Okay, the I hate Twilight option cracked me up!

  6. ooh I didn't know I could vote too...

    haha yes Lisa! Let us be lecherous together

  7. Voted ;) I have teens, not watching Twilight or reading the series was out of the question.

    Jacob was clearly the better option.

    Fellow crusader stopping by.

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