Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Book Crush of the Month: Lucas Cortez

I'm a recent Kelley Armstrong devotee and I'm blazing through her Otherworld series as fast as my kindle can download them.  (I haven't been this taken by an urban fantasy/paranormal series since Sookie Stackhouse.)

I just finished Dime Store Magic (Book 3), in which I discovered my book crush of the month:

kickass wallpaper by mistymerrymistletoe
Why I love him:
  • He's a lawyer. I heart lawyers (not the ones that advertise on TV, real lawyers). They're funny, smart, assertive, and can make sure anyone who messes with you gets what they deserve.
  • He wears glasses and is geeky.  Like me.
  • He's Spanish.  I like the Latin look, oh yes I do.
  • He's a sorcerer. With a snap of his fingers, he can produce a fog that makes the ladies feel, um, nice. Among other things...
Who are YOU crushing on this month?


  1. "since sookie stackhouse..."??????

    gonna have to check these books out!

  2. He looks like a young Eric Lutes, which is definitely not a bad thing! Other than Colbert, I'm starting to crush on Bill Hader.

  3. I'm forever crushing on Sam from Shiver. And Jamie Fraser (yum!). But right now I'm totally crushing on Gar because I've only had time to read my own work (edits are sucking my soul dry!)

  4. Oh yes, and I may or may not have a girl-crush on Kara from Battlestar Gallactica. She's kind of a mix of Kindra and Rebecca. I totally want her haircut but hubby has said no (I tried to get Kindra's haircut once and that was a huge disaster).


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