Monday, February 14, 2011

At Least There Aren't Bug Bites All Over Your Face

Foreign guys bugs are into me.

In Tahiti I had 40 bites on my body at one time.

In China the bites blew up to silver dollar size.

This year, by going to Taiwan during the freezing cold rainy season, I thought, "At least there aren't any mosquitoes."

So last night I bunkered down on the floor bed of my aunt's unheated apartment (nothing like a Chinese bed to make you wake up with a numb butt).

I slept under:

2 sweaters
1 sweatshirt
1 undershirt
padded tights + sleep pants
1 blanket,
1 sweater over my legs
1 puffy winter coat over my upper body.

Nothing was exposed except my face.

And this morning I woke up with 3 big bug bites on that face.


Mom this morning: Bugs are like dirty old men - they always go after the young ones.

p.s. I haz the internetz!  (Sorry, that's the last time I'll LOLcatz)
My second uncle loaned me and my mom his magic portable internet wand.


  1. Poor you! I always get eaten alive too.

    Please e-mail me so I can get your address and have Len Lambert send you a copy of Picture Perfect.

    tmilstein at gmail dot com

  2. not fun. I got some weird unidentifiable bug bites in South America years ago. so yucky.

  3. LOL! I swear mosquitoes were created by the devil. When I was in Cali, never had any problems. The minute I moved to Hawaii, emergency room. I had a golf ball sized bite that I both marveled out, and feared at the same time. Bugs are evil. That is all. Besides that, hope your still having fun!

  4. That sucks! The Taiwanese mosquitos are cruel and unusual. Nowhere else have I ever gotten bitten in the face, but in Taiwan, not only was it on my face, it was like on my eyelid. They also got me on the joints of my fingers! Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?! Is there even blood there?!

    Ahem, anyway, I hope they leave you alone now. At least Taiwan is super fun, right?! I'm hoping I can pop over there sometime this year. :)

  5. How are you doing now? Bug bite free yet?


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