Monday, February 21, 2011


Antibiotics again?!

I went to the doctor today with my 6-day sore throat and it's confirmed: I have strep or a similar infection.

Alas, I was just on a course of antibiotics before I left that inflamed my crackly joints (I have old people's knees and hips from a lifetime of dancing). 

After the doctor's office, we stopped by the Borders in Pasadena, CA for its closing-down sale.  So sad!

more Borders sale items

Even sadder: I read on Kristin Cashore's blog that Bob Slate, the family-owned stationery store where I bought all my notebooks while I was at Harvard, is also closing down.  They've been in Harvard Square for 75 years and I used to pop in there for no reason just to browse and touch their gorgeous paper.

What is going on with the paper/book industry right now?

Hope you're all having a wonderful President's Day.


  1. Feel better!! Good thing about strep: it can easily be gotten rid of!!

    And Booo Team Jacob! Team Edward all the way!!

  2. Sad about your strep throat, sad about the book store, YAY for Team Jacob. And yeah, we must be around the same age...those cartoons are for a verrrry specific age group hahah!

  3. Wow! You post every day. I'm impressed. I'm shooting for 3 times per week (and cheating on Wednesdays). Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Ugh Strep! That's the worse. I assume the infection is what caused you to buy that product with the much inferior Jacob on it. I kid, kid! Get well soon lady! :)

  5. Are you sporting a "Team Jacob" pencil holder? Awesome! I like Jacob better, too. :) Hope you feel better.

  6. Eek, I hope you're feeling better. I'm so sad about the Pasadena Borders, but at least the Borders at Santa Anita is safe (that's my homebase, haha).

    Speaking of old college town stores closing down, I was just visiting my alma mater (Berkeley) this weekend, and I found out Blake's closed! It's this bar/restaurant that's been on Telegraph for like 70 years or something too. So sad. :(

  7. I have mini penguin bookmarks, and I love them!! Those look huge. I want. : )


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