Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Asian Pacific American Month 2013!

APA Month sneaked up on me this year, like a ninja. Sooo sneaky.


It's been a good year for us - we came a long way from ninja jokes to a record number of Asian Pacific Islanders in national office, including the first Hindu-American in Congress.

Of course, I woke up today to another email from my mom criticizing my life choices and calling me a middle-aged woman, so in other ways, status quo.

Once again, this blog will go yellow for May, with Asian-Am hotties, recaps of conferences, interviews with writer-bloggers, and another bachelor to auction off (for free). This one's got a heart for animals, so get ready, ladies!

For now, here's a photo of the Asian that runs this blog:

with my current Amelie haircut

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