Monday, May 13, 2013

APA Bachelor 2013: Nam Ho, Real-Life Water for Elephants

It's the feature I wait for all year: our bachelor for APA Month! Ladies get your hats ready to throw into the ring for your very own future animal-healer.

  1. Name: Nam Kim Ho
  2. Nickname: If food is involved, I’m guaranteed to get a “Nom Nom” thrown in my direction at least once.
  3. Age: 25
  4. Height: 5’10”
  5. Profession: Zoology student/Aspiring veterinarian
  6. Guys, girls, both, something in between? Girls
  7. Do you cry at movies? Armageddon. When the boy sees the “salesman” on the television and is told that the salesman is in fact his dad
  8. Security blanket you sleep with at night: Laptop with the brightness dimmed playing a podcast that I didn’t get a chance to finish the night before
  9. Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs, preferably something that comes in a 5-pack in the clearance section
  10. Instant turn-on: Sarcastic to a fault and/or a strong jawline
  11. Dealbreaker: Close-mindedness and lying
  12. Karaoke song of choice: Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
  13. On a Friday night you'd prefer to: Sit around with some of my closest friends filling each other in on
    the past week’s events (Laughter, food,
     and drinks may be included)
  14. Last Friday you actually: Had the opportunity to meet some people that I’m going to spend my summer working alongside. Introducing myself to a group of strangers is something that I’ll never get used to, but will always enjoy
  15. Boba flavor of choice: Jasmine milk tea. Hot. No boba.

Hi, future wife.
Message to your future wife:
Hey. I want you to know that you’re my best friend. I think you’re fantastic. You have my unwavering trust, but please do not mistake that with gullibility. And I love you.

Bonus question!
What animal are you most like? Why? 
A turtle. I’m a very social creature, but I like having a shell to draw back into every once in awhile. 

You heard it here first, ladies! Nam is available for non-boba boba and animal stories. (He also has a cool tattoo he failed to mention, in MORSE CODE.) Drop me a line or leave some comment love for Nam below!

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