Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Day in Two Lives: Krispy and Alz!

Hope you enjoyed Asian/Pacific American Month here at the blog! We're wrapping up with our biggest A Day in the Life ever - two friends, one and a half lives. It's our favorite Krispy and Alz (Krispy you know as my co-host on Boba 4 Life) from A Nudge in the Right Direction, complete with Alz's famous sketches!

6:30am So originally a typical day in the life of Krispy would start at 7:25am when I would roll out of bed and stumble my way into the bathroom. However, over Memorial Day weekend, the Sister adopted a puppy and brought him home. So now my day starts at 6:30am...when I roll out of bed and stumble my way to the bathroom to get through my morning routine.
6:30am At this time Alz is without fail entirely absolutely unapologetically unconscious.

7:00am Before changing, I go let the puppy out of his sleeping crate and into his play area. Feed the puppers, play with him a little bit, set out his pee pad, give him his meds. Then while he’s eating, I clean out his sleeping crate and move his toys over.

7:30am Change for work, grab/make lunch, maybe eat some breakfast.

7:30am Still unconscious.

7:50am Out the door, check the puppy has enough water, and leave for work.

8:30am At work. I do a lot of paperwork, registering and calculating and mailing things. Also, a lot of email answering.

9:42am Wielding a star-metal sword forged in the fiery breath of black dragons, I ride my unicorn warsteed into battle against pirate zombies. After victory has been secured, I return to slumber in assurance of a job well done and a world once again safe from the menace of buccaneering undead.

11:15am Take my first break. Usually, I read my book. Sometimes, I write. Check twitter and blogs.

11:15am By this time, I am awake. Sometimes.

12:00pm At this point, so early in the day, my options are numerous and varied, but everything eventually boils down to this most vital of daily activities: INTERWEBS.

1:00pm I like taking a later lunch because the rest of the day doesn’t feel as long when I go back up. Also, there are less people in the lunch room and I can get in some more reading time.

2:00pm It’s jewelry time: sterling silver turtle pendant  with bezel-set fine silver granulation and transparent enamel. All Alz-made, from designing to making the teeny granulation balls and fusing them to the silver, wet-packing the enamel powder and kiln-firing multiple times (once for each color), measuring and soldering and shaping the bezels, soldering bezels to sheet, sawing out the turtle-shape, filing, sanding, and polishing the surfaces, bending and shaping the silver, and finally setting the enamel “stones” in the bezels. Mind you, this is the result of hours and hours of slave-labor with tweezers and torches, but when it comes together, it happens fast.

3:00pm I work for a food-related company, so sometimes at random times in the day, we get snacks. Vendors send us things or salesmen get food gifts or we get samples sent to us. These food items are usually shared with the office. So lots of snacking happens. Last Thursday, we got these delicious popsicles. Mine was coffee flavored. Mmm.

4:00pm Second break. More reading.

4:30pm Snack time, by which I mean a granola bar or a bottle of water depending on where I am and what’s on hand. And then it’s time to plot world domination.

5:00pm End of day! Shut down the computer and head home!

5:00pm World domination plot completed. Now it’s time to up the bodycount. I mean in writing, of course. Don’t look at me like that. What else could I have meant?

5:50pm Get home. My commute is not that bad for a SoCal / Los Angeles commute, but my route actually takes 25 minutes. In morning and evening rush hour traffic, it takes 45-55 minutes.

6:15pm After changing and checking some internets, I go feed the puppy and have play time with him.

6:30pm I read my current book, which is as often as not a library book from Krispy that I end up sorely regretting stealing from her because of how sordidly bad it is. If only I could sandpaper these YA literary travesties from my brain--but then I wouldn’t have any brain left by now.  I don't have any to spare as it is.

7:00pm Dinner at my grandma’s house. I play with and feed the stray cat she adopted while I’m there. I usually get in a good chunk of reading here too.

7:00pm I feed myself and also feed my masters my rats. I often work on secret projects at this time, like not-so-secret manatees or semi-secret half-assed needle embroidery that Krispy hasn’t and may never see because it basically looks like crappy crochet but took me way more time and effort to accomplish.

8:00pm Text Alz and see if she wants boba. More internet time. Writing time.

8:01pm Respond to Krispy’s text that of course I want boba. I then finish up whatever I’m doing, pack up necessities such as Fuzzy Manatee, a bag of potato chips, and the iPad, and head on over for boba and frolicsome adventures Chez Krispy.

8:45pm More play time with puppy to tire him out before bed.

9:15pm Move puppy into his sleeping crate and wait for him to get settled and sleepy.

9:30pm Hang out with Alz. We discuss books, writing, blogging, and random things that have happened during the day. I also nag Krispy to write more.  I make her watch a bunch of my TV shows with me. Including but not limited to: Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Spartacus, Grimm, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Legend of Korra, Clone Wars, and Young Justice. Also random youtube videos. Including but not limited to: Tom Hiddleston interviews, Avengers cast interviews, clips of Tom Hiddleston dancing like a loon, commercials and trailers for upcoming movies that may or may not involve Tom Hiddleston, etc.

11:00pm Shower and get ready for bed.

11:00pm Ratty playtime.

11:45pm Sleepy time for Krispy!

12:00am Internet surfing and possibly random TV/anime-watching.

12:45am Time to write more, now that it’s dark out and quiet, with the hum of the refrigerator in the background and the squeaks and thumps of cagefighting rats in the other room, and it’s time to kill more people. In writing. Who may or may not deserve it and may or may not be magic ninjas in exile shacking up with a long-suffering knight who should have known better than to pick that guy up out of the gutter even if it was raining that night.

1:00am-2:30am At some point during this time something always strikes me unconscious. I believe it is called sleep.

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