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December Book Crush of the Month and Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

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Today's theme also re-caps my meme: Book Crush of the Month.  Unfortunately, I used music/dance crushes mostly, so there are only, um, 2 in the retrospective.  December revealed at the end...

Top 10 Wolf Book Boyfriends of 2011 

1) February Book Crush of the Month: sorcerer-lawyer Lucas Cortez from Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series
kickass wallpaper by mistymerrymistletoe
Because I love strong short guys!  

3) James Hallowell from Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson

4) Chen Yong from Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon
photo from Cindy's website
5) Jack, from Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford Series, Book 1) by Kelley Armstrong
Because who can resist an older contract killer?  (Gabriel Byrne in Point of No Return, anyone?)

In The American, Clooney rips off this book plays an older contract killer named Jack, which made me like the film way more than I should have.

6) Jeremy Danvers from No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld, Book 7) by Kelley Armstrong
The Alpha wolf of the upstate NY clan who might have some Chinese blood in him.  

7) Karl Marsten from Personal Demon (Women of the Otherworld, Book 8) by, who else? Kelley Armstrong - she writes the HOTTEST love scenes (children look away)

8) Beast from Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley
But only before he turned into some pansy-looking prince.  What can I say, I like anybody wolfish.

9) November Book Crush of the Month: Taycob from Twilight

and finally: 10)
  December Book Crush of the Month:
Alexander of Macedon as portrayed in The Persian Boy by Mary Renault
photo credit
This guy had a Napoleon complex a couple thousand years before Napoleon was even born.  He was short, strong, handsome and healed from wounds with freakish vampire nature.

Alexander, is that you?
He had beautiful male lovers and traveled a distance most Americans can't even fathom, over mountains, down rivers and across deserts.  In 300 B.C., yo.


  1. Furiously taking notes and adding these to my TBR list.

  2. whoa, whoa, whoa!!!! All those men from the Otherworld and no mention of my boyfriend CLAYTON? Seriously, the hottest guy to ever grace the pages.

  3. Indeed, there are a lot of wolves lurking here. Haha. I think I actually only know one of the people on here...

    Also, Fright Night is pretty funny if you want to see more Colin Farrell. ;)

  4. Nice selections and great recommendations!

  5. I got stuck at the jewel thief werewolf.

    Oh my...

    Oh wait, what was this about again? Oh yeah, hot guy characters/boyfriends of hotness. Yeah...some serious caliente here.

  6. I love me some Jeremy and Karl, but where's Clayton?! Him and Elena in Bitten are enough passion and heat to keep me warm during these long winter months!

    Top 10 Book Boyfriends
    Kelly | Radiant Shadows

  7. Oh I LOVE the pic of Chen Yong! WOW.

  8. It seems I might need to read this Otherworld series.

  9. So I totally just added a bunch of books to my to-read list. Thanks! :) Nothing like hot men to get me reading, lol!

  10. Yum! It looks like I have some reading to do! *grins*


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