Thursday, December 29, 2011

Class of 2011 Superlative Blogfest: Elements of Fiction

I'm starting the busiest work crunch of the year, so I've only got two for you today:

Elements of Fiction

Best First Line: "On the day he died, Eric Leaventhall had a date that couldn't be broken, so he went."
from Dead Man Dating by Lori Handeland, in the anthology Dates From Hell

I originally bought this quartet of novellas for Kelley Armstrong's bonus Karl Marsten story, but Lori's first line (and next few) was so eye-catching I read that story too and LOVED IT.

Most Jaw-Dropping FinaleShadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, Book 3) by Richelle Mead

This is when I knew Mead was a complete and utter plot genius.  She holds NOTHING back in this series - where most authors would drag out the storyline over a course of books, Mead gives you the ending you can't believe, leaving you wondering how the heck the story can go on.  And it does.


  1. Love that first line! It is very intriguing! Good luck with work.

  2. Okay, I haven't read any of the Vampire Academy books, but now I TOTALLY want to. I love a shocking ending!


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