Monday, May 30, 2011

The Asian's Guide to the South

Hello Intrepid Asians!

You may at one time find yourself venturing into the deep interiors of America, wondering what the heck you're doing there and if you'll make it out alive.

I have gone South...and returned, bearing photographs aplenty.

Here is a truth-tell of how to experience the South as a Yankee, a city slicker, and - of course - an Asian.

Shame on you Los Angeles and New York.  The South beats you by spades in politeness.  One creepy thing Southerners do is look you in the eye when they speak to you!  Like they actually care that you're a human!  What is that?! 

Nervous about landing in a state that proudly flies the Confederate flag?  "Chas" is a bit of an uncomfortable place to be Asian - because you'll be the only one.  In EVERY SINGLE place you visit.  We definitely received double takes and awkward stares.  Fun place to see American history, but lacking greatly in diversity. 


New blog friend Joy is moving to Nashville, and I'm happy to report that the music capital is a fairly comfortable place to be Asian.  The 3 colleges, including nationally known Vanderbilt, brings in enough hipster-wannabes that you can pretend you're in Venice, CA.  Nobody bats an eye when you walk into a restaurant, and you can even play Spot the Asian about once a day.


  1. Awww, Sophia, I'm so touched that you 'dedicated' this post to moi! But seriously, you've not only entertained me with this post, you've also managed to calm my anxieties! THANK YOU & I will remember not to set foot in Charleston, haha!

  2. Cute, and what? People are polite? What is this politeness you speak of? :)

  3. There are two chinese people in Chas - I work with them! They are probably the only two chinese people in Chas ;P

  4. Y'all shoulda come ta visit us here in N'awlin's dawlin'!

    Not only do we get plenty of Asian and Asian-American tourists, there's a large Vietnamese community in New Orleans East and on the West Bank. Mmmm, bahn-mi and boba tea! Now I know what I want for lunch!

  5. Oh good, my friend (who is Chinese) is moving to Nashville this week! And we plan to visit her once she's settled in.

    There aren't a TON of Asians where I live either, but enough that when Andy and I walk around, it's not considered a sighting. :P

  6. Referring to general, I remember when I first moved out to CA and went clubbing...the female bartender was so butt hurt when I only tipped her 2 bucks. LOL, from where I come from (little down of Oshkosh, WI)they would be so grateful! Especially since I had to wait fricken forever for her to notice me in the first place...%^$&, ok, I'm over it now. lol


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