Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Update and Watch This Space...

...for a special Day in the Life coming next week by a fellow Yardbirds singer who shares a day on the road touring with her show!

As for me, in the last two months I've:

  • moved in a hurry to escape a harassing landlord - this was gray-hair stressful and still waiting for this to be completely over
  • started making green smoothies every single day - delicious photos coming
  • started a meditation practice - life-changing
  • signed up for an extremely pricey online business course that I promptly had zero time to work on (this constantly nags on the back of my mind)
  • kept up my sekret blog where I spill the details of the big changes in my personal life and talk about minimalism, spirituality and finances
  • joined a Harvard TV writing group
  • entered the query trenches
  • Facebooked and Instagrammed endless photos of the food I eat, like this:
afternoon tea with ginger scones
And no, I haven't done my taxes yet (!!!) 

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