Friday, January 18, 2013

Gratitude Friday

Enough with the stress! I recently moved and felt so burdened by some previous and current roommate issues, that I had to kick myself out of mopey into thankful with a gratitude list. Here is a handful of what I'm blessed with:

1) I had so much help moving in 

2) the California sun is back

3) my roommate is gone all weekend :)

4) I'm healthy

5) I get to live with my dog again

6) life goes on and is a blessing

7) wonderful people have given their time to reading my WIP

8) there exists such a thing as boba milk tea floats

9) I took an actual day off yesterday (I rarely do that!)

10) I just picked lemons from the tree in my backyard

life gives the sweetest lemons
Post your lists below for an instant shot of happy!

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